Sunday, 29 March 2020

MiniBoss online. What you need to know to join classes

We have opened online training for children and youth without reference to open branches. Now everyone can receive our knowledge - from Canada to Australia.You only have to choose the nearest branch to receive knowledge in your native language.

How is the MiniBoss Business School different from a secondary school?
  • The world's only systemic business education for children and youth
  • Knowledge that is not in the programs of secondary schools
  • Knowledge transfer gaming technology
  • Our school remains a faithful assistant for parents, helping to raise children successful and happy!
  • A unique training program consists of 8 theory courses and 12 types of practice
  • 10 thousand hours of training will help develop entrepreneurial skills and create real startups
Is it possible to start training not at the beginning of the academic year?
  • The sooner the child plunges into the environment of like-minded people, the more significant results he will show in the future.
  • The faster the child begins his “flying hours”, the faster he will become a virtuoso pilot.
Who is MiniBoss Business School for?
  • This school is not for everyone. We are ready to work only with those families who are looking for opportunities and are ready to invest in the future success of their family.
  • For those who understand that only a systematic approach to education and training will bring the desired result.
Record, friends, your children in:
  • 8-year online MiniBoss Business School course
  • 5-year BigBoss Business School course
  • 3 year NanoBoss Pre-School course
When recording, indicate which day of the week you would like to study. How old is your child.

Join online training in the international educational network MiniBoss & BigBoss Business School from anywhere in the world and begin your journey into the wonderful world of business knowledge.



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