The world is changing rapidly! And that entrepreneurs WHY? 

Knowledge received by children (and this is a new generation - and therefore the new strategic resource of the country) are fuel and motivator for the development of national economies! 
Therefore MiniBoss Franchise are changing the world - the ideas of Henry Ford, Souchiro Honda, Ray Kroc, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Muhammad Yunus not only change lives for the better, they raise the world to a new level.

Entrepreneurs provide the world by creating enterprises, providing jobs, paying taxes, giving money for all public institutions (ministries, municipalities, schools, universities, hospitals, police, prosecutors, courts, and so on). In general, the richer the business, the richer the economy and the richer the nation.

Therefore, if your country will teach children to be successful, confident, enterprising, flexible, persistent, responsible, your country will grow faster than that of reform, because we raise those who are able to build a business and the economy, who can scale to think and realize any idea into practice.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms