7 Critical Skills for the Jobs of the Future

We live in a world of accelerating change. New industries are constantly being born and old ones are becoming obsolete. A report by the World Economic Forum reveals that almost 65 percent of the jobs elementary school students will be doing in the future do not even exist yet. Both the workforce and our knowledge base are rapidly evolving.

Combined with the effects of technological automation on the workforce, this leaves us with a crucial question: What are the skills future generations will need?

What are the 21st-century skills every student needs?

The gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need is becoming more obvious, as traditional learning falls short of equipping students with the knowledge they need to thrive, according to the World Economic Forum report New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology.

BUSINESS TOUR to Austria and Germany


BUSINESS TOUR to Austria and Germany: March, 25 – April, 1, 2018
For entrepreneurs and top managers, state and public figures, members of the ICC, BNI, EBBD and other business associations, students and parents of the MINIBOSS and BIGBOSS Business Schools.

PURPOSE OF BUSINESS TOUR: establishment of useful business acquaintances and connections between business elites of countries, world business networking.

ORGANIZER: European Association for Business Development (EABD).



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