Wednesday, 19 February 2020

2020 Startup World Cup Championship in the United Kingdom

Startup World Cup Championship & International Business Camp
Bournemouth, The United Kingdom
5-11 July, 2020

The Champion summer camp of the International education network MiniBoss& BigBoss Business Schools is held annually before the Startup World Cup Championship (SWCC), which will be held in Bournemouth in 2020 (Great Britain). SWCC World Championships - this is the main annual event in the world for young entrepreneurs, which brings together young national elites from around the world.

The Champion Summer Camp was organized by the Educational Consortium International BusinessAcademy to develop young people (from 6 to 25 years old) in their business qualities and build global business communications; to develop teamwork skills andcreate business projects from idea to implementation; for the ability to defend their projects on the world stage before a jury consisting of entrepreneurs from around the world.

Each year, for every student of the Education Network MiniBoss & BigBoss Business Schools, a visit to the World Championship is the culmination of the course and an essential element of the academic program. At the Championship, students receive an international certificate, and at the end of all courses - International diplomas MiniBoss Business School; BigBoss Business School and International Business Academy.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

International Family Business Camp in Olympic, Greece

International Family Business Camp in Olympic, Greece
July 11-22

Five main advantages:
  • Rest and Wellness. The goal is to make the body healthy and strong! Therefore, in the concept of the camp will be a lot of physical activities (jogging, proper breathing with fresh sea air, stretching with yoga, many sports games (football, volleyball, aqua ball);
  • Skills development. Our camp will be different from all others – children won’t just rest there, they will also develop yourself on a very important profile - Leadership. MiniBoss & BigBoss Leadership Programs are well known worldwide for their effectiveness! It will beunforgettably fun, interesting and useful!
  • Healthy environment. A special advantage is a healthy eco-friendly atmosphere. We invite the most purposeful children and youth who want their own successful future, and this creates a strong atmosphere with strong values.
  • Family camp. Children and their parents are invited. The unique Coach Program "Ideal" is free for every MiniBoss & BigBoss parent!).
  • International. Our team of global trainers leads the program in English/Russian/Lithuanian/Bulgarian/ etc. Our mentors will do everything to make every child feel part of a global team! 

Monday, 17 February 2020

International Language Camp in the Great Britain !

Bournemouth, June 28 - July 4 and July 5-11, 2020

5 advantages:

  • International camp. Hundreds of students from different countries meet in the camp, and these are hundreds of friends!
  • Skill development. Here, children do not just relax, but develop their leadership, teamwork and independence skills.
  • Healthy environment. Only motivated children study here. Each student is committed to development and self-expression.
  • Lessons in english. From native speakers from the British Council!
  • Age groups. Children and youth in different age groups: 9-14 years old and 15-25 years old can take part in the camp.

The camp is located on the south coast of England in the city of Bournemouth (107 miles from London). Bournemouth is a seaside resort in the county of Dorset, a popular English resort on the English Channel, adjacent to Poole in the west.



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